Performance Tip: Energy

performance tip

Performing Tip:

Ensure that the energy of a song is conveyed in your singing and not just in your dancing; thinking that the vigor of your movements will carry a song is a common trap to fall into.

People are sometimes frightened of artists who look over prepared with routines sometimes making the material look stale or dated. There needs to be a natural ease in the performer to set the audience at ease. Every time you perform, it changes: the atmosphere in the room is different, the people watching you aren’t the same. As an entertainer you need to focus on developing the ability to deal with anything that happens, you’ll have more confidence and you’ll enjoy it more. Being in a show is an exhilarating experience but it’s also a big responsibility: you want to feel reliable and comfortable. On the other hand, overpractising, for instance singing the one note you’re worried about 30 times before you go on stage, is to be avoided; you’ll only wear yourself out. Instead, you should just slide through your range once, with that note included, to reassure yourself that you can do it.

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